Redd Interviews Poet Richard Lyons

RL head in handHave you read Crooked Letter’s latest interview with poet Richard Lyons, author of Hours of the Cardinal and Fleur Carnivore?


An Interview with Fiction Writer Becky Hagenston

“Our lives can be ruled by irrational beliefs, and that interests me as a fiction writer,” says author Becky Hagenston in conversation with James Madison Redd on the Schooner blog. Read the interview here.

Credit: Troy DeRego

Credit: Troy DeRego


Redd’s Interview with Poet Beth Ann Fennelly

“I’ve always been jealous of what musicians have when they play together on stage because writers don’t get that…We had that a little bit with writing this novel.” Beth Ann Fennelly in Crooked Letter Review Series conversation about her and Tom Franklin‘s forthcoming novel, A TILTED WORLD. See the full conversation on the PRAIRIE SCHOONER blog here!

Dueling Writers & Honing the Creative Impulse: A Conversation with Beth Ann Fennelly

This conversation with Beth Ann Fennelly is the ninth in the Crooked Letter Interview Series hosted by the Schooner’s Southern Correspondent, James Madison Redd.  The following is a brief excerpt from their recent conversation at the University of Mississippi, familiarly known as Ole Miss.

Beth Ann Fennelly directs the MFA Program at Ole Miss, where she was named the 2011 Outstanding Liberal Arts Teacher of the Year. Her work has three times been included in THE BEST AMERICAN POETRY series. Fennelly has published three full-length poetry books, including OPEN HOUSE, TENDER HOOKS, and UNMENTIONABLES, all published by W. W. Norton. She has also published a book of nonfiction, GREAT WITH CHILD. She and her husband, the L.A. Times Book award winner Tom Franklin, co-wrote the novel, TILTED WORLD, forthcoming in October 2013.

Author Beth Ann Fennelly

Author Beth Ann Fennelly

Richard Ford to be Fifth Author Featured in Crooked Letter

Richard Ford has published four collections of stories and seven novels including his most recent, Canada. Independence Day was awarded the Pulitzer Prize and the PEN/Faulkner award for Fiction, the first time the same book had won both prizes. A new collection is forthcoming. James Redd’s interview with Ford will be featured on the Prairie Schooner Blog this Friday, 11/30/2012. Stay tuned for a link to the interview “Widening Empathy and Understanding.”Image

Dangerous Boundaries and the Enemy of Insularity: Poet T.R. Hummer

The fourth interview of the Crooked Letter Interview Series featuring poet T.R. Hummer is available on the Prairie Schooner Blog. See James Madison Redd’s newest interview here. 


Review of The Three-Day Affair by Michael Kardos

James Madison Redd reviews Crooked Letter author, Michael Kardos’s mystery/thriller/literary novel, The Three-Day Affair. The Southern Correspondent agrees with Publisher’s Weekly that this is a must read. He claims this novel’s three endings as a “trifecta.” Finally claiming, “Bet on this novel to win you over.” Check out the review on the Prairie Schooner Blog.

You can check out Redd’s interview earlier this month with Kardos too.