Redd’s Interview with Michael Farris Smith about RIVERS

Redd’s new interview with Michael Farris Smith, author of RIVERS, is now published in the prestigious NEW ORLEANS REVIEW. Check it out here.

Michael Farris Smith

Michael Farris Smith


Redd’s Conversation with novelist & editor Sonny Brewer Coming Soon!

Acclaimed novelist and editor, Sonny Brewer, and Redd met up at the Eudora Welty’s Writer’s Conference, and had a spectacular discussion about today’s book market. Stay tuned for the seventh literary conversation in the Crooked Letter Interview Series featured on the Air Schooner this week!

Novelist & Editor, Sonny Brewer

Novelist & Editor, Sonny Brewer

Sonny Brewer is the founder of Over the Transom Bookstore in Fairhope, Alabama. The former editor-in-chief of MacAdam Cage, he also assembled the recent Don’t Quit Your Day Job: Acclaimed Authors and the Day Jobs They Quit. Sonny Brewer is the author of the novels, The Poet of Tolstoy Park, A Sound Like Thunder, Cormac – The Tale of a Dog Gone Missing, and The Widow and the Tree.

Air Schooner is the bi-weekly podcast of Prairie Schooner, a quarterly literary journal out of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Steven Barthelme to be Sixth Crooked Letter Author

Relating Nonfiction and Fiction: A Conversation with Steven Barthelme

This conversation with Steven Barthelme, scheduled to appear on 12/19, is the sixth interview in the Crooked Letter Interview Series hosted by the Schooner’s Southern Correspondent, James Madison Redd.

Steven Barthelme has two books of non-fiction, the memoir, Double Down (Houghton Mifflin, 1999), co-authored with his brother, and the essay collection The Early Posthumous Work (Red Hen, 2010).  Earlier stories were collected in And He Tells the Little Horse the Whole Story, and a new collection titled Hush Hush (Melville House) appeared in October 2012.