About Redd

James Madison Redd, writer and musician, heads the Crooked Letter Interview Series, featuring contemporary Mississippi writers in literary journals, such as the Prairie Schooner. His collection of stories was a finalist for the St. Lawrence Book Award and was nominated for inclusion in Best New American Voices 2009. He is a winner of the Mari Sandoz / Prairie Schooner award for short fiction. His fiction, poetry, and scholarship have or will appear in Fifth Wednesday, Fiction Southeast, Deep South Magazine, Penwood Review, Parting Gifts, Subliminal Interiors, Poetry for the Masses, Steel Toe Review Briefly Noted and other literary journals.  He earned his doctorate in English and Creative Writing from the University of Nebraska, a top ten school in creative writing.  He is a faculty member at Mississippi State University, and is working on several books, including a novel called Revival! two books of literary conversations with Southern writers, and a biography of the late blues legend and civil rights activist Willie King.

Photo Credit: Angie Zoucha

The Crooked Letter Interview Series features contemporary Mississippi authors. Since August 2012, the internationally-recognized literary magazine, Prairie Schooner, has published the series on its blog. Seventeen authors are scheduled to have a conversation with the Schooner’s Southern Correspondent, James Madison Redd.  The series has featured novelist Richard Ford and poet T.R. Hummer among other award-winning writers.

Mississippi Jimmy Redd is James Redd’s music stage name. He grew up playing piano in his father’s church until he discovered rock and roll at the predictable age of 16. From there he picked up the instrument of teen angst: the guitar. As an on-call musician for any church or bar in central Mississippi, he played from antebellum cemeteries to Beale Street, recording five albums and touring with Big Blue Truck. His new project is the original Southern Rock band Wild Magnolias, co-founded with author Michael Farris Smith. Take a listen to his music at

Wild Magnolias Facebook Page

Big Blue Truck on Myspace 

Mississippi Jimmy Redd on Facebook



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