Crooked Letter Year in Review

It’s hard to believe that a year has passed, but what a year! Take a look back at the authors Redd has interviewed who have lived in the Crooked Letter state. His year-in-review post recollects the conversations featured on the Prairie Schooner blog, but, of course, there are others: Michael Farris Smith in the New Orleans Review and Chris Offutt  in the Oxford American. Find out exciting about the next year in conversation, too.


Redd’s Original Band, Wild Magnolias, Makes Headlines

The Columbus Dispatch has published a story on the origins of James Madison Redd’s original band, Wild Magnolias, which is co-founded with Mississippi author, Michael Farris Smith. Read the full story, “The Writers Rock: A couple of wild magnolias chat about the crossroads, where literature and music meet” online.

Redd & Michael Farris Smith

Redd & Michael Farris Smith