Review of The Three-Day Affair by Michael Kardos

James Madison Redd reviews Crooked Letter author, Michael Kardos’s mystery/thriller/literary novel, The Three-Day Affair. The Southern Correspondent agrees with Publisher’s Weekly that this is a must read. He claims this novel’s three endings as a “trifecta.” Finally claiming, “Bet on this novel to win you over.” Check out the review on the Prairie Schooner Blog.

You can check out Redd’s interview earlier this month with Kardos too.


I Just Write What I Want to Read: Redd’s Interview with Kardos on Schooner Blog

Ever worried whether what you wrote was literary or genre? Novelist Michael Kardos discusses this issue in more detail with James Madison Redd. The excerpted interview titled “I Just Write What I Want to Read” currently appears on the Prairie Schooner’s Blog. Follow this link to reach the interview:

Michael Kardos, the critically-acclaimed author of the novel The Three-Day Affair and the award-winning story collection One Last Good Time, is the second author featured in the Crooked Letter Interview Series created by the Prairie Schooner‘s Southern Correspondent, James Madison Redd.