Redd Interviews Poet Richard Lyons

RL head in handHave you read Crooked Letter’s latest interview with poet Richard Lyons, author of Hours of the Cardinal and Fleur Carnivore?


Redd’s Interview with Chris Offutt in The Oxford American

Redd sent Chris questions via e-mail, and he responded from Kentucky via his “two-way wrist radio.”

Check it out in the Oxford American! pic of offutt

Redd to head Crooked Letter Interview Series on Prairie Schooner Blog

James Madison Redd, a Mississippi author and UNL Ph.D. student, has created the Crooked Letter Interview Series, a monthly series featuring contemporary Mississippi authors. Beginning in August 2012, The internationally-recognized literary magazine, Prairie Schooner, will publish the series on its blog.

As James Redd, Prairie Schooner‘s Publicity Associate, returns to his home state of Mississippi, he seeks to find his literary heritage in the haunting landscape which has produced a Nobel Prize winner and numerous Pulitzer Prize winning authors. Through interviews with contemporary Mississippi authors, the series will focus on the plight of the author and their characters in Southern society, who often face exodus or exile, while exploring how these writers cope with their literary legacies.

In addition to winning a Mari Sandoz/Prairie Schooner Prize for the short story, James Redd’s fiction appears in the Winter 2011 issue of Fifth Wednesday and was nominated for Best New American Voices.