Redd’s Story “Half-Day Christmas” featured on Steel Toe Review

Half-Day Christmas," a story about how divorce breaks up Christmas and a father tries to make sure he doesn't lose his daughter in the process, is now featured on Steel Toe Review, a journal of contemporary Southern arts & Literature. It is taken from Redd's collection, Taking the Cure, which was a semi-finalist for the St. Lawrence Book Award.

Steel Toe Review

I did too tell him that, and what else I told him will cut him to the quick. It’s funny Darlene’s new husband—you remember, that dick Richard?—don’t pay attention to my advice when I come over to the new house he built them and see the foundation already cracking, and I say, “Hey, better let me patch that up before it rains and your basement’s flooding. Might be the wood’s rotting and you could fall through the floor.” No, they think I’m just looking for a way to finagle some money. Well, I am needing money, but I’m not just looking for that: It might make me giggle to think of Richard slipping through the floor and breaking his leg. But I sure don’t want to have to go in their house to pick up my sweet baby girl Janna and find out she’s living in a three-story house…

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