Redd’s Conversation with Sonny Brewer Now on Air!

Hosts Scott Winter and Stacey Waite quit their day jobs to see how writers make money with their craft. If you’re having trouble making time to write that perfect novel Sonny Brewer, author of books The Poet in Tolstoy Park and Don’t Quit Your Day Job: Acclaimed Authors and the Day Jobs They Quit, has a few choice words for you. You’ll also hear from poet Denise Duhamel about the taboos of money amongst writers. She reads from her poem “Recession Commandments”. Join us in the unemployment line for this episode of Air Schooner.

Acclaimed novelist and editor, Sonny Brewer, and Redd met up at the Eudora Welty’s Writer’s Conference, and had a spectacular discussion about today’s book market. This episode of Air Schooner is the seventh literary conversation in the Crooked Letter Interview Series featured on the Air Schooner!

Author Sonny Brewer

Author Sonny Brewer

Novelist & Editor, Sonny Brewer

Sonny Brewer is the founder of Over the Transom Bookstore in Fairhope, Alabama. The former editor-in-chief of MacAdam Cage, he also assembled the recent Don’t Quit Your Day Job: Acclaimed Authors and the Day Jobs They Quit. Sonny Brewer is the author of the novels, The Poet of Tolstoy Park, A Sound Like Thunder, Cormac – The Tale of a Dog Gone Missing, and The Widow and the Tree.

Air Schooner is the bi-weekly podcast of Prairie Schooner, a quarterly literary journal out of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

James Madison Redd heads the Crooked Letter Interview Series, a monthly online series featuring contemporary Mississippi writers. His collection of stories was a semi-finalist for the St. Lawrence Book Award and was nominated for inclusion in Best New American Voices 2009. He is a winner of the Mari Sandoz / Prairie Schooner award. His fiction, poetry, and scholarship have or will appear in Fifth Wednesday, Fiction Southeast, Deep South Magazine Penwood Review, Parting Gifts, Subliminal Interiors, Poetry for the Masses, Briefly Noted and other literary journals. Currently, he is an Editorial Assistant for Prairie Schooner and is continuing his doctoral studies at the University of Nebraska. His next project is a novel called Revival!

The Crooked Letter Interview Series features contemporary Mississippi authors. Since August 2012, the internationally-recognized literary magazine, Prairie Schooner, has published the series on its blog. Sixteeen authors are scheduled to have a conversation with the Schooner’s Southern Correspondent, James Madison Redd. The first talk with poet Derrick Harriell was published in August.


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